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3 Bar MAP Sensor AUBER-103

3 Bar MAP Sensor

This MAP sensor incorporates the latest MEMS technology and custom Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology. It is specifically designed for tough automotive applications to perform in the harsh underhood...

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4 Bar MAP Sensor AUBER-104

4 Bar MAP Sensor

This 4 bar MAP sensor offers a linear output in the 0.1 to 4.0 bar range (absolute pressure unit). When used as a boost pressure sensor, it can measure from -0.9 to 3.0 bar ( -26 inHg vacuum to 43 PSI boost)...

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Automobile Multimeter, Dual Channel SYL-2813

Automobile Multimeter, Dual Channel

Update: For 110/240V AC version SYL-2813, please check SYL-2813-AC (Dual Channel Process Meter). Red/Red Green/Green White/White This dual channel automobile multimeter can measure and display two...

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Digital Boost Gauge with Pressure Sensor Combo-P

Digital Boost Gauge with Pressure Sensor

The gauge is supplied with your choice of a high precision electronic MAP or boost pressure sender. The connector of the sender has automotive grade cable installed. We can also ship the connector unassembled without cable...

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Digital EGT Gauge (Round) with Pressure Sensor Combo-MR-P

Digital EGT Gauge (Round) with Pressure Sensor

Thanksgiving sale ends on 11/28/2017! This round  multi-functional auto gauge ( SYL-1813-MR) is essentially a  SYL-1813 gauge but fitted in a conventional round metal case. Comparing to our 1/32 DIN sized...
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