Automobile Gauge

1.  Can the automobile gauge SYL-1813 work with more than one probe?

The gauge can only work with one probe at a time. But you may use a mechanical external switch to switch the sensors to make it work with more than one probe. If you are going to use different type sensors for one gauge, e.g. EGT and MAP, it is not practical to switch from one measurement to the other while driving because you need about 20 to 40 seconds to do it. Here is what you need to do.

1) When measure EGT, the 5V power supply line for MAP sensor needs to be disconnected.

2) You need about 10 to 15 seconds to change the settings from reading EGT to MAP.

2.  Can I use VDO sensor for the automobile gauge?

The automobile gauge can only work with one kind of VDO sensor, which is VDO 150 °C sensor. When using with VDO sensor, it can only display the temperature when temp is within 50-150 °C range. The gauge will display EEEE when temperature is below 50 °C and above 150 °C. For wider range, you need to use our Pt100 probe.

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