Recommendation for Electric Smoker

1.How do I select a smoker controller for my Electric Smoker?

Auber Instruments offers two options for controlling the electric smoker. Option A is for customer who is skilled in electronics and has tight budget. Option B is for customer that does not want to spend time to build their own system.

A. Building the controller for electric smoker.
1) PID controller, ($44.50)

If you want programmable with ramp and soak function, use this one. ($89.95)
2) Temperature sensor.
3) Solid state relay. ($15)
4) Heat sink for SSR. It is only needed if the current is more than 10Amp ($10). Bradley smoker does not need it because only 4.8 A is used.
5) Building the controller box.
Here is a good example.
This example shows how to connect the 220V with high power output.
This example is for programming the ramp/soak controller.

B. Use the plug-n-play controller.
1) Basic unit

WS-1211GPH for 10A current maximum
WS-1510ELPM for 15A current maximum

2) Dual probe controller.
WSD-1200GPH for 13A current maximum
WSD-1501GPH for 15A current maximum

Compatible parts lists and typical orders for SMD-200 Dual Probe PID Controller.

The SMD-200 controller is designed for customers who want to build a smoker control system with PID control and dual temperature inputs. Customers should be aware of two special notes about this controller when ordering parts: A) This controller can only accept either type K thermocouples or PT1000 RTD sensors (Not PT100 RTD sensor); B) Only one sensor type can be selected at one time, i.e., if two sensors are to be used for smoking, they must be of the same type.

Here are two typical part lists:

  Using K Type TC Using PT1000
Controller  1 x SMD-200 1 x SMD-200
Smoker cabinet probe 1 x TC-K3MM-C 1 x WS-SENSOR11
Internal food temperature probe 1 x TC-K8 1 x WS-SENSOR12
Probe connectors 2 x TCFEMALE-R 2 x PT1KCON
SSR 1 x 25A SSR 1 x 25A SSR
Heat sink 1 x HS25 1 x HS25

Click here for how to build up a standard SMD-200 control panel. 
Click here for how to build up an economic SMD-200 control panel. 

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