Application Recommendation

Recommendation for home brewing. 

1) Controller
EZboil (Recommended for electric heater)
EZboil is a digital power regulator/controller designed to automate the liquid boiling and mashing processes. For boiling mode, it provides linear and uniform power output with 1% resolution. For mash mode, EZboil can hold the temperature within one degree right out of the box. 
This is one of the most popular controller. It has Fuzzy logic enhanced PID mode and Manual mode. The manual mode is useful for control the boiling over problem.
This controller is also very popular for this application.
If want a large display, this is the controller to use. Please make sure to select the SSR output.

2) Sensor
This RTD sensor is the most popular for the brew application. It offers a fraction of degree accuracy.
You can also use thermocouple sensor that is cheaper. It gives about 3-5F accuracy.

3) SSR
The 25A SSR with heat sink is the most common. You might need two sets if more than one heater is used. Each controller can drive up to 5 SSRs in parallel
Heatsink for 25A SSR
A 5500 watts 240v heater draws 23A of current. It is close to the 25A SSR’s limit. Some people use the 40A SSR with heat sink for extra capacity and safety.
Heatsink for 40A SSR

4) Switches, Buzzers & Indicators

5) Wiring examples.
A) These links gives good wiring examples.
B) This is also a very popular post that many people has followed. However, the controller model on the post is wrong. It should be SYL-4352 (SSR output) instead of SYL-4342.
C) This is a recently published article by BYO. Many people are following the example.
D) A perfect example to build the Electric Brewery product for passionate brewers.


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