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Please visit FAQ page on the HeaterMeter’s Wiki page. The FAQ below can be considered as a supplementary.

1.      Can I change parameters on HeaterMeter without the Raspberry Pi?
No. You need a Raspberry Pi with the LinkMeter firmware to access these parameters.
2.      I insert the thermocouple to the pit probe jack. But the probe reads 200 degree F (or 400 and 600 degree F) at room temperature. When temperature rises, the display value decreases.
The type of Probe 0 was set wrong. Please change it to “thermocouple”.
3.      I changed the parameter, but nothing happened.
After changing a parameter, you need to press “Save & Apply” button for the changed parameter to take effect.
4.      I opened the case but now I can’t fit the HeaterMeter back into the case.
Please check if the SD card is pushed all the way to the end and try again.
5.      I plugged in an ET732 probe but got no reading, showing “Probe X off”.
The plug on the ET732 probe is longer than the probe jack on the HeterMeter. If you had fully inserted the plug into the jack, please try pulling the plug out a little bit.
6.      What is password to access the configuration settings on the dashboard?
The username is “root”, the default password is “root”.
7.      How can I change the PID parameter or alarm settings?
You need to set up the network connection to the LinkMeter (Raspberry Pi). You can either use a network cable via the network port, or via a wireless adapter plugged to the USB port.
8.      How can I view the temperature plot from my smart phone?
Plug in a wireless adapter to one of the USB port. And then search and connect your phone to the wireless network “HeaterMeter”. Then visit .
9.      How can I view the temperature plot from my computer?
Connect a network cable between your computer and the LinkMeter. Change your computer’s network connection setting by following the instruction in this link. Then visit .

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