Recommendation for Auto Draw-Off System

Recommendation for a 120V auto draw-off system

1)  Controller: SYL-2362  (0.1 degree accuracy with PT100 RTD Probe).

2)  Sensor: PL6350 or PL5350
3)  Switches, indicators and buzzers: TS1, IND-1(120V), and FLBuz(120V).

4)  Enclosure: B252015 – Single controller box with a precut of 1/16 DIN size.

The control system needs to open the valve at 219 degree F (or 7 degrees F above water boiling temperature).

Parameter Setting:  SV (Set temerature) = 219.0 degree F
                                    Inty = PT10.0 (For PT100 RTD sensor and accuracy in 0.1 degree)
                                    outy (Control output mode) = 4 (Using J1 as alarm output & J2 as ON/OFF mode contactor output)
                                    ot (Cycle rate) = 20  (20s cycle rate for relay output)
                                    rd (Control function) = 1 (Controller is running under cooling mode) 
                                    CorF = 1 (For Fahrenheit display)

Wiring Diagram is below:

Notice: The resistive load for SYL-2362 is only 3 Amps; if your 120 V Valve is above this rating, please use an external relay/contactor to drive it.

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