Coffee machine kit

1.How to build a kit for my coffee machine?

You may buy some components to build a kit by yourself. What you need are our SYL-1512A, a SSR and a RTD sensor. The main challenge is where and how to hold the temperature sensor. There are several types RTD sensors for coffee machine kits, some are not even listed on our website. We also can make a specific sensor for you if you can figure out how to mount the sensor on the machine. You have to figure out the wiring and PID parameters by yourself. Here are the links for the components.
25A SSR 
RTD Screw Sensor 
Thermostat Style RTD Sensor
PT100 Sensor 
Miniature RTD Sensor

2. How to uninstall the controller from coffee machine?

To remove the controller, cut the cable ties (not cable) inside the espresso machine near the controller. That will allow cable to move into the controller box.  Then, remove the four screws in the front of the controller box. Pull the controller out. Remove the wires from the back terminal. Remove the stainless steel panel by pressing the four small prongs. Remove the rubber gasket. Just send the controller back.

Please note, no cable should be cut. The controller box should not be removed from the espresso machine.

3. What should I do if the thermal protection is triggered?

See Thermal protection triggered.pdf

4. I got the pre-infusion kit. After pre-infusion, the valve releases the pressure during the pause/dwell time (Td). Is it better to keep the valve activated (i.e., not releasing the pressure)?
Please see our Discussion on Pre-infusion


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