Thermostat Style RTD Sensor


  • Model: RTDstat


Product Description:

This Pt100 RTD sensor is for Rancilio Silvia coffee machine. It is packaged in the same housing as the bimetal thermostat that is commonly used for home appliances.  It can be used to substitute the thermostat if precision temperature control is needed. For example, when modifying the coffee machine with PID, the main challenge is where and how to place the temperature sensor. Since most home espresso machines use this type of bimetal thermostat, this RTD sensor allows you to replace the original thermostat on the same site with the same mounting.


Accuracy Class A. +/-0.15C at 0.0 C
Alpha 0.00385
Sensor type Platinum RTD, 100 ohm (Pt100)
Housing dimension Same as KSD301 type thermostat
Cable 45 cm long TEFLON insulated
Maximum working temperature 200C (400F)

Click Here for Temperature Vs Resistance Table
For the probe for Gaggia, please see PT100M4 probe.
*This RTD design is patent pending.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 27 March, 2011.

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